Dietary and Natural Health Supplements Contract Manufacturing Services

As an industry leader with a record of innovation that spans over three decades, at Neova Technologies Inc., we specialize in contract manufacturing services of world-class food additives, processing aids, enzymes, nutraceuticals, and dietary and natural health supplements. This is a complete full-service offering with an end to end capabilities that can accommodate the entire product lifecycle. Our product development and R&D resources are extensive, with a portfolio of work that includes countless custom engineered solutions. We employ a team of researchers who understand that most products are typically only one component of a much larger effort. As a result, we place a great deal of emphasis on obtaining a complete picture so that we can develop the optimal solution for any given requirement.

The contract manufacturing services processes are validated through a comprehensive array of testing procedures, from general product testing to shelf life and microbial testing, as well as complete physical-chemical characterization. Our R&D Department and pilot lab are equipped with an array of cutting-edge industrial grade equipment such as solid-liquid separators, column chromatography, clarifiers, ultra and diafiltration technologies, and spray dryers. Once approved, we can seamlessly transition into the production phase with manufacturing capabilities that can only be characterized as vast. We have a high level of process flexibility built into our operation that allows us to provide everything from a single prototype or short run, up to large scale blanket orders.

As a lean enterprise, all of our operations are driven by a culture of quality that pervades every area of our organization. This is bolstered by our Organic Certified status for some of the enzymes we produce and full GMP compliance. We can also perform work to industry standards by HACCP and Halal (if required).

To order our contract manufacturing services or to learn more about the advantages of working with an industry leader, contact us directly.