Neova Technologies produces a line of specialty proteins – Ovoproducts. These naturally occurring egg-white proteins include AVIDIN, OVALBUMIN,  OVOTRANSFERRIN, and OVOMUCOID. In the hen egg, they play many important roles, including:

  • • preventing bacterial growth through inhibition of bacterial proteases;
  • • binding metal ions and vitamins;
  • • acting as a nutrient source for the developing chicken embryo.

AVIDIN is a glycoprotein extracted from egg white using ion-exchange or affinity chromatography. Its biological importance was discovered in 1926 when rats were fed egg white and developed dermatitis, loss of hair and disruption of muscular co-ordination.



OVOMUCOID is an egg white protein with significant anti-tryptic activity. Comprising approximately 11% of the egg white, it naturally functions to protect the developing embryo by preventing bacterial growth through the inhibition of bacterial proteases.


OVOTRANSFERRIN comprises approximately 13% of the protein content of egg albumen. More than sixty years ago, researchers determined that OVOTRANSFERRIN is an iron-binding protein, making the iron in a bacterial culture medium nutritionally unavailable to potentially harmful micro-organisms, such as Schigella dysenteria (for which iron is an essential nutrient).


OVALBUMIN is the predominant protein in egg white, comprising approximately 54% of the total protein. It is one of only two pure proteins that can adequately meet nutritional requirements for amino acids. OVALBUMIN was first isolated through successive salt precipitations in 1889, and the procedure was later improved in the first part of the 20th century.



As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers worldwide of egg white proteins, Neova Technologies’ advanced extraction and purification processes yield products that are consistently chosen over other competitive products. All extraction and refining is done under cGMP guidelines for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

A key benefit associated with using Neova ovoproducts lies in the full range of services, including both technical and applications support that Neova provides. Neova works with its customers to meet their unique product specifications.

An important advantage to using Neova ovoproducts is the elimination of the risk of disease associated with bovine and human derived plasma proteins.



Neova’s specialty proteins can be used in numerous applications including immunodiagnostics, protein purifi cation and cell biology/cell culture. These specialty proteins are of extremely high purity and can be customized to meet the end user’s specific needs.


AVIDIN™ is a glycoprotein with a strong affinity for binding biotin (vitamin H). This unique characteristic has given rise to biotin–avidin technology in applications including affinity chromatography, immunohistochemistry (using biotinylated probes), immunoassays and diagnostics.

Cell Biology

Since OVALBUMIN™ is very similar in structure to Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), it may be used as a substitute in many applications.

OVOTRANSFERRIN™ is very similar to both human and bovine derived transferrins, including lactoferrin, and can serve as a substitute in most instances. Transferrins have been identified as a required media ingredient for the maturation of cells as they play a key role in providing iron for cell growth. They also detoxify the media by binding contaminating metal ions.

OVOMUCOID™ is a natural trypsin inhibitor, making it an excellent replacement for serum trypsin inhibitor in tissue culture research.

Protein Purification

Both AVIDIN™ and OVOTRANSFERRIN™ are available in high purity, which makes them appropriate in the production of polyclonal antibodies. Avidin can also be used in standards and models in molecular weight determination, while OVOTRANSFERRIN™ can be used in structural elucidation studies.

Being a natural inhibitor of trypsin, purified OVOMUCOID™ can be used as a ligand in affinity purification of porcine and bovine trypsin following immobilization onto a suitable matrix.

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